Alexey turchenko & Yulia Makeeva

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Alexey and Yulia … A married couple that is sharing the stage together. Their relationship has born in 2010 and before everything began, they both had their own career and background.

Alexey comes from gymnastic and his career in circus began at the age of 15 years old.

On the other side, Yulia grew in a circus family of aerialists and since childhood she knew everything about it! Before starting a solo career, Yulia studied for 8 years at the ballet school and graduated from the Moscow State Circus School in 2009.

The meeting of the two artists took place at the Big Moscow Circus. At that moment, Alexey returned to Russia after touring with the show Varekai from Cirque Du Soleil while Julia signed her first contract with circus. After working a season, they knew that they will be together for the rest of their life. Both aerialist had no trouble to create a new duo straps act which had strengthened their relationship even more.

The year 2013 was critical! They met a wonderful circus director : Ruslan Ganeev, from Russian ! Together, they created 3 wonderful projects: India- aerial duo straps, Elf- aerial ring and Gigolo- pole. Theses acts have became their business cards and quickly has brought them recognition as a Duo Idols all around the world. In 2014, they received their Green Cards and went conquer America, more precisely Las Vegas!

The company Cirque du Soleil offered them two contracts: solo straps and aerial ring for the shows named Mystere and ''O''. They couldn't resist to such an offer and for subsequent 3 years, they have been working on the stages of those amazing representations. Today, they are once again driven by a strong desire to continue developing their skills and performances, work in new projects, travel around the world and meet new interesting people. They are real, passionate and love to grow everyday of their life!

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