Po-Han Huang

The VIPs gave a score higher than to this act and they also gave some advice.


Magician Po-Han Huang, graduated from National Taiwan University, is the youngest Magic champion in Taiwan. His outstanding performance earned him lots of international awards and honors.His amazing performance has overwhelmed people in dozens of countries so far, over the past few years.

In 2010, he shows up program in "CCTV",which is the most influential TV staion in China. Shows up in CCTV is an improtant indicator for all stars.

In 2012, he represented Taiwan to participate the greatest event in magic community- "F.I.SM World Championship of Magic" in UK, where magicians compete for "Best of" categories.

In 2014,he was invited to perform in world famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood.It's a honor to perform in Magic Castle for every magicians.

In 2015,he shows up in TEDx Taipei. He is the first Taiwanese magician who have a speech in TED. He devoted to spread the art and to create another mile stone in magic.