Crazy Harder

Illusionist Crazy Harder



The "Crazy Harder" act is an exuberant mix of energetic pop music and magic, topped with lots of crazy elements to make the crowd go nuts and bonkers! With more than 150 shows a year!

In 2017, I participated as magician “Niels Harder” in Britain’s Got Talent. My “Crazy Harder” act, in which I combined new pop music with magic tricks and a bunch of craziness, made it all the way to the semi-finals of BGT. As a result of this break-through, my career as a entertainer really took off. Many international TV-shows followed: Das Supertalent, iUmor (TV-show in Romania) and serveral Dutch TV-shows. I released In 2019 my first pop music track “Fire Vibe”, with more than half a million views on YouTube. An energetic song with spectacular visuals and a huge ‘wow-factor’!

Pa..Pa..Pa..Party! My new crazy radiotrack "Don't Wanna Sleep" is about "The point of no return" - the moment when the party reaches it's peak: Stay Up Tonight and Don't Wanna Sleep!

I have worked with Dutch producers who are known for tracks by Ronnie Flex and Caro Emerald. The videoclip is full of magic illusions and energetic, catchy choreography which I’m best known for.

Crazy Harder is also known as a LGBT artist with his energetic party pop music. When do you go to the point of no return?