Illusionist Crazy Harder: Magic, Music & Dance

Illusionist Crazy Harder
NielsHarder 2



The "Crazy Harder" act is an exuberant mix of energetic pop music and magic, topped with lots of crazy elements to make the crowd go nuts and bonkers! With more than 150 shows a year!! My new crazy music track "Magic!" is about to make you get ready for SHOWTIME! I am ready to amaze the crowd and make sure that everyone faces the evening of their lives with my amazement and magic. A song that you can dance to! It’s positive, cheerful, pop, party, and happy! This is part 1 of 3, the next part of this trilogy will release soon.

It was mandatory for all security and crew members to take a COVID-19 test and all tested negative. Using my music and magic I want to bring a bit of positivity to society. The doors of the time machine in the "Magic!" video clip represent the doors of positivity that I would like to open wide. Especially now in these bizarre corona times, the world could use some positive energy!

In 2017, I participated as magician “Niels Harder” in Britain’s Got Talent. My “Crazy Harder” act, in which I combined new pop music with magic tricks and a bunch of craziness, made it all the way to the semi-finals of BGT. As a result of this break-through, my career as a entertainer really took off. Many international TV-shows followed: Das Supertalent, iUmor (TV-show in Romania) and several Dutch TV-shows.

Incredible performance in music video “Magic!” by Crazy Harder. The videoclip is filmed in 1 take: 4 minutes, 7 magic tricks, no camera tricks: What you see, is What you Get! Experience it as if you were there yourself. Never seen before! One of a kind. Sit down and enjoy this video clip of Music & Magic!