Hiroki Hara

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Born in 1990 in the outskirts of Nara, Japan, where the nearest convenient store was an hour away by car, HARA began studying magic on his own at a very young age.

In 2009, he won First Place in the World Magic Teen Seminar Contest, and his journey was made into a documentary called "Make Believe," which went on to win awards at the Los Angeles International Film Festival.

Performed at the world-famous Magic Castle in Las Vegas, where he was the first Japanese performer to star in the Future Stars Week. Also appeared in the tv show America's Got Talent where he performed his original act, "IBUKI," which combines futuristic technology and classic magic into one mind-blowing act. He received a standing ovation from the judges and audience.

In 2014, HARA successfully pulled off the first ever "Zero-Gravity Magic," and did guest appearances in over 25 different countries' (America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc.) tv shows.

HARA also works as a Projection Mapping and Hologram Advisor, and performs shows in as real different countries. He is an Illusionist that has been receiving a lot of attention from all around the world.