Among all VIPs (Adam, Steve…) today, I would like to speak about Manuela Löffelhardt. At present she does not yet know that I’m writing about her 😉

In my artist life many people was important, but two of them have changed my vision of show business:

In chronological order, there was first Carmen Bajot. This woman was an artistic agent. When I met her she was not young and not far to retirement. Carmen Bajot was an extraordinary person. She was the only person I knew able to say “no” or “contradict” a director of an important venu, especially to defend her artists. It is perhaps also thanks to this big personality that she had one of the most powerful agency in the world… she was, among other things, the exclusive agent of the Moulin Rouge. Carmen Bajot discovered what I was doing while “I was not ready to be on stage”. I come from a street freestyle sport that I learned by myself. She showed me the way in this world that I did not know, I mean the “artistic vision of this system”. Thank you so much Carmen!!!
Thanks to her my act has become this:
And here is what I was doing before in the street:

The other person is Manuela Löffelhardt. This woman is the artistic director of Phantasialand in Germany. I knew her during my contract for “Fantissima”, the dinner-show of Phantasialand. Now I will tell you why in the show business she is an great woman:
1- With masterfully she directs all shows and all the artistic part of this big company. She is very productive and able almost every year to create new shows and manage employees, artists, sceneries, choreography, etc. It’s a lot of work but she is able to create world class shows every time!
2- Although her job requires lot of productivity, the way she works and communicates with each person is very nice… Manuela always treated people kindly, no matter who they were… she really has a heart of gold!

Manuela holds the keys of a system that works wonderfully… Since then we have become great friends. Thanks to her, I realized that business and friendship are not incompatible !!! 🙂




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