Carlos’s advice:
Shenea Stiletto
She has strength, technique and flexibility, but something made that I did not feel her act. Is it because of the band and the singer? The idea is interesting, but here I think they were making broke my concentration. In short, I am not sure about this presentation, but that could be great.
Duo Ogor

I like the slowness of their work which reminds me of the energy work of internal martial arts (another way to explore). We really see the pleasure of the man to share his art, a little less in the woman who has a more closed face and it is a pity. I’m not a fan of their musical choice. I would like to hear something more Zen and less rock. I appreciated this aesthetic act that did me good.

Svetlana Bakunova
I imagine it’s a video recording realized during a rehearsal and it’s not really the costume you use on stage ?! Svetlana you are not only juggler, you are a versatile talent, this adds a big added value to your performance. I love this original idea of playing with a decor accessory to make it alive. It is both juggling and dancing. There is a control of the body, the space and the accessories that are fascinating.
Beware, however, of a feeling of lassitude that settles down. A simple idea to break the rhythm and add a surprise: imagine if you use the rods of the coat stand to add a balance trick between them and hats, spin them, etc. I also imagine that the rods of the coat stand could slot together to make a long rod and play high with the hats. In short, you still have a lot of thing to discover.
Maksym & Denys
I don’t like your entrance on stage which is totally lacking originality. Why are you there? What do you want to convey to the audience? It lacks a story that could invite us to see something different than just a series of figures (even if they are perfectly executed and impressive). Also why are you in black pants and butterfly?
In short, I see only your excellent technique. It’s a shame because the potential is there! I see that the old trick “to make a mistake” still works. One last thing ; is your final is really necessary?!
Vladislava Naraeva
WONDERFUL!!! But I would shorten the act by 30 seconds. I would also change the final which for me has nothing to do in this issue.
Everything looks simple and easy, which is the proof of the presence of a great artist! As my Master said art exists when art hides art!
I love the colors, the costume, the entrance on stage, the music, the performance and the humorous winks!
Suggestion: I do not know if it’s a good idea, but I would see a circular support behind you and your legs would illustrate the needles of a large watch (tick-tock). As there is the cuckoo clock noise in your act, it is consistent.
Duo Dolce Vita
Advices: for the man, I’ll see a white pant of the same color as his jacket. The music of Mister Sandman should be cut as soon as she changes her costume but not one second after. And the man should not make lip-sync on a woman’s voice.
Sergey Kapranov
My advices: positions should be more and more complex and impressive at each elevation. Nice staging and music but I would like to see a story: why do you pile chairs?
My suggestion : the presence of police officers could signify that you are in prison and prison could signify that there is a key (the key of the prison). This key could be suspended from the ceiling and every time you try to catch it, the key goes up, which motivates the addition of a chair at each attempt. At the end thanks to the last chair, you catche the key between your two feet! Bingo!
Quad Strong arm
Nice, powerful and aesthetic.
– I see in this act a certain similarity to Vishnu, the deity of time (this deity maintains life and creation). The Vishnu’s symbol is the wheel of time (they arrive with the wheel, it could represent the wheel of time). This deity is often represented with several arms… but this reference is not exploited. Perhaps they should explore this path.
– I dont like their costume. I had the impression that they were in rehearsal and not dressed for stage. Maybe they should look for in the Indian warrior mythology.
– I do not like the light they chose. Red is omnipresent. I think it would be necessary to use the purple for the actions to the ground, then the red for the physical actions and to the blue for the aerial actions. Each color represents an element.
Tatyana & Denis
Beautiful aerial poetry, mix of strength, suppleness and aesthetics.
– I like the idea of starting separately (sage left / stage right), but I would have visualized a meeting in the center of the stage than what they propose.
– I like the instrumental track of “Imagine” but I think that the vocal track not fit. In my opinion it would be necessary to find something else or to continue with the instrumental track. Example, when John Lennon sings “Imagine all the people sharing all the words”, but the boy pushes the girl away (this is a nonsense).