Carlos’s advice:
Tony Frebourg
Very good act and beautiful artist. In my opinion, he is more than a juggler? I have some suggestions:
1) I would shorten its entry,
2) I would continue the staging with a martial theme (like a kata or a tao – it has the flexibility and speed to do it),
3) at the beginning I would hide the props, so that the audience does not immediately know that he is a juggler of diabolo
4) why not use his two sticks as nunchaku?
… here are some ideas to ponder.
Duo Romance
I really like how the man appears! I’m not sure about the woman’s costume, I do not think it highlights her. But this man and this woman make a lovely couple and everything looks simple. There is humor, surprise. Even if all tricks are not always perfect, we let ourselves go into the show without asking too much question. In short, it works and they are extremely likeable!
Claudia & Dominik
I find the introduction too slow. And it is a shame to take out an accessory (the banknotes) and then put it back in your pocket without anything happening with it. This act is certainly appreciated by an audience of neophytes but I have not seen anything really new in this issue.
Yohannes & Fyori
There is a beautiful symbiosis between these two performers. I could easily imagine them brother and sister. I like their personality, their flexibility, their balance, their sympathy and their figures. But sometimes the technique is too dominant. The day we do not feel it, they will have reached a higher level.
Changmin Lee
An act easy to follow but of a very high technical level. There’s a little drawback: the flash of one of his techniques (it’s more difficult to dupe a fixed eye – the video camera – than the eyes of the audience!). Moreover, his act has many angles. We will retain a symbolic magic where the slowness and the interpretation of this artist are wonderful.
Alexandr Batuev
Not easy to analyze this act because the video camera is to far. What is certain is that this man has absolute control over his body. It is both amazing and painful to see. A contortionist who is out of the ordinary and defying the laws of the human body.
Claudia Bremlov
Good rhythm and beautiful technique, but in my opinion this music is too often used and little bit get on my nerves. The video is amateur and does not highlight the act of the artist. I think that this performance would be more effective if a composer creates a score perfectly adapted to this act.
Igor Krychun
An impressive character and the partner fit with him. We are afraid for her throughout the act. It is well built, but I would reduce the number of parasitic movements or I would change costumes (idea: why not come with a straitjacket, as if the character was coming straight from a psychiatric hospital?)
Marco Zoppi
I collaborated with many bubble artists but it is the first time that I see the use of a screen and appearances of bubbles coming from this one. Usually their prop is horizontal and the fact that Marco uses a vertical prop is a plus to his act. It’s magic, original and aesthetic. The only downside, if there is one, is the costume which is far from the gypsy music that he uses, it looks more like a magician costume.
Hector Mancha
Usually, when we look at a manipulation act, we say to ourselves: what a good manipulator! Here it is not the case, we really have the impression that there is no manipulation, but that we are in front of authentic magic – the possibility of working miracles. Hector Mancha is a real magician! I am a fan!!