All Pascal’s advice:
Hiroki Hara

Wow! What a Wonderful Show ! I dreamed few minutes !
Congratulations for your creativity and poetry.
But we want to see more … the potential is so big with this new kind of show!
With an additional magical trick this act would be also better, birds, cards, etc.

Boris Nikishkin

As a clown Boris Nikishkin is excellent. He also looks very good as an acrobat.
Generaly I prefer this kind of act without rope-safe, when the physical difficulty is visible.

Olimpo’s Brothers
Elegance, strength and control… superb! Some original positions complete this high level performance.
Till Poehlmann
Magic, light, juggling … a beautiful starry dream. But I think that your costume is not suitable.
Duo Silver Stones
Surprising act shown by two athletes… I think that loses a little charm compared to acts presented by a man and a woman.
Juggling, human beatbox and comedy, here is a modern and surprising act that we would really appreciate in a modern circus.
Irina Akimova
Great Hula Hoop act, speed, precision and elegance… but I would have liked to see more complicity with the audiance.
Hector Mancha
What dexterity in his manipulations … Big hands, big forearms, a character little spooky but which presents us a great act. We have the impression that everything could appear …
Diego & Elena
They are beautiful, as the video, all the act is beautiful … Everything is there … Nothing is missing … Scenography is like a short film highlighted by adequate lighting. This aerial artists play beautifully magic …