Vostinic’s advice:
Yohannes brothers
Your technique is nice … but either you make an act of a totally traditional style, with African costume, African music, etc … or do really innovative. But if you do a bit of both your audience will be disoriented.
Adem dance crew
This is the first time I see dancers capable of creating a real speciality act … bravo!
Tony Frebourg
I have no advice to give … bravo
Duo Romance
I like your act, your characters are very interesting. But when you have a black and red costume, choose lights that highlight you … so around you do not choose black and red colors, if no we do not see you!
Claudia & Dominik
I like the act but the the beginning is really too long.
Yohannes & Fyori
I think there are no spectators in this venue, there is no atmosphere so it’s very difficult for you to work well. Your technique is good … bravo!
Changmin Lee
This Korean magician is a poet … that’s wonderful!!!
Alexandr Batuev
It’s very clean and amazing … do not change anything … bravo
Claudia Bremlov
Impressive technique… but in this atmosphere your costume is too dark. Bravo
Igor Krychun
It is very interesting, nice ideas and different from what we are used to seeing. But I think you should perfect your acting.