Tomate Clown

victor avalos


South America
Sta Rosa 3491 c/p 1644 Victoria, Buenos Aires

Good day people! Hello I'm Victor, better known as Tomate the Clown , I have been a clown for 25 years, I presented in 26 countries because my program has no text. I have performed in theaters, circuses, streets, squares, cruises, casinos and practically anywhere where you imagine. An original presentation, an eccentric character, of cruel moments, of naïve moments. I have received numerous international awards in America, Asia and Europe, twice Guinness Record 2017 and 2018 (Xiamen, China), Winner two years with the best act of comedy with balloons at the Millenniumm Jam, Moll, Belgium. Awarded as Clown of the Year twice at the Clown Festival of Valparaiso, Chile. I am looking for job opportunities . The program is suitable for all audiences. I have several different stage proposals that may be interesting for you. My clown solo show, internationally awarded, suitable for all audiences, universal language, (almost without text) with the possibility of developing it in its full version (50 min) or in shorter segments (5,10,15,20,30 or 40 min) for theaters or open spaces. And for parades, openings and performances in large spaces my Giant Puppets of balloons (a Spider, an Octopus or a Chinese Dragon) these are usually built and manipulated with local people from the city where the presentation takes place, that giving the possibility of exchange with the residents . These creatures are large and are built with a minimum of 3000 balloons. Duration max. of the balloon puppets: 15 days in covert spaces. I speak in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Suitable for all types of audiences, makes people laugh and think. The usual intention: to give laughter and encourage the reflection of our problems as a society. Thank you for your attention and your valuable time, I appreciate your interest in my work. I hope to meet you personally soon. Best regards.