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From the very childhood Yulia liked to draw, so she finished an art school, then entered university and got a diploma of specialist in Graphic Design section. Then, trying to find a new technique of expression, she went to Academy of Arts and Design faculty of Art department «Easel Graphics». While studying there she tried various graphic techniques: watercolor painting, engraving, linocut, charcoal, ink drawing... and then sand. She became fascinated by vivacity, flowability of sand, and unpredictability, contemporaneity of sand pictures.

So in 2010 Yulia joined the studio of sand animation in Kharkov , in order to master this technique. She was spending twenty-four hours per day learning the methods of sand drawing. Sand painting became her main way of creative expression and a new stage in personal art. She got more and more invitations for performances for various activities and started to create individual sand animation clips. Yulia also prepared sand animation workshops for artists and children.

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October 6, 1986