Why TSOPEN was created?


I believe in work done with ❤️
I believe that Showbiz is a Jungle and Artists are Warriors
I believe that “Social Network” = “Social Recognition”
I believe that “Social Network” = “Social Masturbation”

Here , we don’t care of seeing pictures of your
holidays, of your beautiful car and blablabla …
The only thing that interests us is this question:
How can artists become killers in SHOW and BUSINESS?
Facebook is too superficial for deep discussions, Linkedin
is too general to find jobs. That’s why TSOPEN was built!

Thanks the Team for help and believe in my vision.
I believe I can change the system!
Tom Shanon


We help performers access the ATLAS level ⓘ
ATLAS is the best window for TALENT BUYERS




This is a community of mutual help.
We talk about how to succeed in show and business.
Our community loves to talk freely and speak true.
Our community helps you access the ATLAS level
No self-promotion, no spam! The only 2 places where you can do self-promotion are in the “About” field of your Profile or in your “ATLAS Page”.



1. Civility is not optional:
– Our community loves to talk openly and debate but kindness and respect are required.
– TSOPEN is a place of thoughtful discussion, encouragement, and learning. You are welcome to disagree with someone, but the tone of discussions will remain civil or your comments will be deleted. We will not tolerate personal attacks, hate speech or anything our editorial staff considers detrimental to the community.

2. Spam:
– Don’t do it. If you do it, your comments will be deleted, marked as spam, and you will be blocked.
– Valid Email Required: The email address you use for your account must be valid. Any email address we deem to look like spam will result your account to be deleted and flagged as spam.
– Irrelevant links are not appreciated or allowed.

3. No promotions:
– The only 2 places where you can do self-promotion and introduce yourself are in the “About” field of your Profile or in your ATLAS Page. If you do it elsewhere, your account will be blocked.

4. Proper Linking Practices:
– Sharing resources the right way in comments: Occasionally, the best way to add value to a conversation is to share a tool or resource with the community that they may not know about. To assure that the motivations for sharing these tools and resources are for the benefit of the community and not self promotional, we strongly discourage linking to them.
– Nevertheless if you put links your links must be non-trackable and un-masked.
– Links to products, resources, or other sites are not permitted in the comment body.
– What is and is not considered self promotional or “spammy” is entirely up to the discretion of our editorial staff.
– In all of these instances you run the risk of your whole comment being deleted and marked as spam.
– Repeat offenders will be blocked.

5. Photos:
– The maximum number of photos per user is unlimited
– Allowed space per user in TSOPEN server is unlimited
– Maximum upload size per photo is 1000Ko
– Daily photo upload limit per user is 10

6. Create Album:
When you create an Album, it is immediately posted on your profile feed (Stream) and on the general feed (Activity). Then after a few hours it will automatically disappear from the Activity but will remain in your Stream. The reason is that the priority of the Activity is a place of mutual help.

7. Name Use:
– All comments must be posted under your real name or nick name. If you use a company name, obvious alias, or keyword stuffed phrase your comment will be deleted and marked as spam.

8. Liability:
– When posting a comment on TSOPEN platform you take full responsibility for it. You agree to hold TSOPEN platform, all post authors, and other commenters harmless.

9. Language:
– We create and publish content in English or French. We’re thrilled if you are a non-English or non-French communicator who can understand and gain value from our content. However, we are not yet equipped for comment moderation in multiple languages and we do not have yet the team for comment moderation in multiple languages so please leave your comments in English or French.
– Any comment our moderators are unable to understand will be deleted. This includes comments written in English or French with especially poor spelling and grammar.

10. All rights reserved:
– We reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any comment we choose. We also reserve the right to block any IP address that violates this comment policy from commenting, subscribing, or accessing the TSOPEN platform.