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My name is Véronique Pinzelli, alias Mademoiselle ZouZou. I am caricaturist, singer and comedian.

My first time in a stage was when I was 12. And I learned classic theater and lyric theater during 5 years.

In 2005 I became scenic coach and I went back on stage whith song and humour. As I am a caricaturist, I created an act where I am drawing a caricature of a personn caming from the audience and I am singing at the same time. This act made me integrate the speciality act community.

Today in addition to be an artist I organise an open mic every month, open to all performers (song, music, dance, magic, visual act..). This open mic is addressed to confirmed artists who want to try a new performance in front of a public, and to the emergent artists. As I do the selection and the presentation, I can offer advice to them, network and promotion.


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