Tired of looking for work: Turning Rejections into Growth.

The shadow of rejection is manifold in the engrossing world of circus performers and magicians, yet it is a unique possibility to grow, in the personal and professional sense. Learn how to turn rejection into growth, resilience, and ultimately, success.

Navigating the Terrain of Rejection

In the entertainment industry, especially in the specialized fields of circus acts and magic, rejection is a common occurrence. Performers have to learn to see that rejections aren’t a personal failing but rather another opportunity to work on and grow their art.

Positive Mindset: The First Step to Overcoming Rejection

Adopting a positive attitude is essential to surpass casting challenges and turn rejections into opportunities. Viewing setbacks with optimism can shield performers from the negativity often associated with rejection, turning these experiences into potential growth opportunities​​.

The Value of Constructive Feedback

Seeking and embracing constructive feedback is a pivotal strategy for learning from rejections. Feedback from auditions and performances provides valuable insights, allowing performers to refine their skills and better align with industry expectations​​​​.

Networking: Connecting to the performer community

Building a strong professional network is invaluable for circus artists and magicians. Each interaction, whether successful or not, is a chance to leave a lasting impression, learn from peers, and open doors to future opportunities​​. Maintaining an updated address book becomes an essential tool in this process, allowing performers to easily keep track of contacts and opportunities within the community​​.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Embracing a growth mindset enables performers to view challenges as opportunities for enhancement. This approach fosters resilience, encourages continuous improvement, and allows performers to push the boundaries of their creative and technical abilities​​​​.

Role of Resilience and Support

Resilience is an essential trait that one needs to own in order to be able to steer through the entertainment industry. A network of support would encourage and help through motivation, advice, and inspiration when one feels low with rejections and challenges.


Circus artists and magicians face a unique opportunity to grow and develop through what many see as a setback: rejection. Viewing rejection as a gift requires a shift in mindset. By embracing this perspective, they can seek constructive feedback, network effectively, and cultivate both a growth mindset and resilience. This process is supported by an empathetic and supportive community, which is crucial for navigating the uncertainties of an industry known for its constant reinvention.

To successfully adapt in this ever-changing environment, artists must learn to gracefully accept and learn from rejection. This not only enhances their act, making it more dazzling, but also prepares them for a career defined by continuous learning and adaptation. By adopting this approach, circus artists and magicians can confidently face the industry’s challenges and emerge more skilled and resilient.

Embracing continuous learning and the ability to adapt over time are essential for thriving in the circus and magic industry. This journey of personal and professional development prepares artists not just to perform, but to excel in a career that embodies the essence of adaptability and lifelong learning.

It’s a huge topic and we haven’t explored everything yet, so let’s all share our experiences. Let’s discuss in our community!

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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