The world of circus artists and magicians is one filled with wonder, excitement, and the thrill of the performance. However, beneath the sparkle and spectacle lies a reality faced by many in this profession: the challenge of achieving consistent income stability. This article explores the pains and problems these unique performers encounter and offers actionable solutions to help them find financial stability amidst the fluctuating nature of their work.

The Challenge of Inconsistency

Understanding the Problem: For circus artists and magicians, the fluctuation in work and income is a significant barrier to achieving financial stability. The seasonal nature of performances, competition for gigs, and economic downturns can lead to periods of financial drought that are difficult to navigate.

The Impact on Performers: The inconsistency of work affects not only the financial well-being of these performers but also their ability to plan for the future, invest in their acts, and even maintain a stable living situation. To explore this topic further, you may want to read Tom Shanon’s article on the financial challenges artists face as a result of market and Internet saturation: The Web Competition

Strategies for Stability

Diversifying Skills and Acts: By expanding their repertoire and diversifying their performances, circus artists and magicians can appeal to a broader audience base, increasing their employability and chances of securing consistent gigs.

Building a Strong Network: Networking within the circus and magic communities can open doors to new opportunities. Collaboration and visibility are key factors in getting noticed and booked for more performances. An essential tool for this is maintaining an updated Address Book of contacts within the industry, including producers, agents, art directors, event managers, and venue owners. This address book becomes a valuable resource for fostering relationships and finding new gig opportunities.

Embracing Financial Planning: Adopting sound financial planning practices is crucial for performers facing income variability. Setting aside savings during peak times and exploring alternative revenue streams can provide a financial cushion during leaner periods.

Leveraging Unique Selling Points: Performers should focus on developing and marketing their unique selling points. A distinctive act can set an artist apart from the competition, making them more memorable and sought-after by producers and venues.


It is hard to ensure a safe financial path for circus artists and magicians, but it’s a traversable journey. By diversifying their skills, networking, engaging in financial planning, and leveraging their unique qualities, a performer can fashion a more stabilizing and prosperous career for themselves in the enchanting world of circus and magic. After learning the root cause of their monetary instability and gathering the tools to fix the issue, performers will then be capable of doing what they love best: to amaze.

It’s a huge topic and we haven’t explored everything yet, so let’s all share our experiences. Let’s discuss in our community!

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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