Sergio’s advice:

Yohannes brothers
We can not say that the technique is not there, and the acrobatic figures are very accomplished …
However, I will wait until the cadet grows up, and when they will have a similar morphology I could give an objective opinion …
But it’s obvious that you’re on the right way …
Adem dance crew
Very nice idea … this museum is very beautiful … but I think this act can still be improved. I am sure you will find other surprising tricks!
At your age, the imagination is fertile and an act is never completely finished!
But it’s already very good, and I had a good time! Bravo
Tony Frebourg
Very nice act that I had the opportunity to present often …
What to say … beautiful and original presentation, great technique and a strong presence on stage … Bravo Tony.
Duo Romance
Nice act, energic, great tricks and well done. Just one thing, I never liked dark costumes… you are young and beautiful so take this opportunity to highlight yourself.
Continue this complicity between you… you can even go further. I think that a duality throughout the act would be great until the final kiss of reconciliation!
Claudia & Dominik
This discipline having become so common, that one must really try to stand out …
Good act overall, but too much “Quik” in the cabin. But it is certain that the impact on the audience is already won … but it’s not enough.
Search, search, and still search to really personalize your act, so that it does not look like any other, which is not the case for the moment.
Yohannes & Fiory
Very traditional act. The technique is very academic and lacks originality… so you still have to work. If the technique is pretty good, you still have to become “artists”.
Changmin Lee
Very poetic act where the technique is perfect and with a minimum of props …. but above all, a nice personality, full of charm … we want more because it’s so nice to watch … congratulations.
Duo Silver Stones
What to say … that’s a very beautiful act, well presented, nice acrobatic figures … kind of act that we have pleasure to admire under a beautiful circus tent …
My advice: review perhaps the style of music … more modern.
It’s funny … crazy, original … but I think you can go even further in the madness …
When you choose a character style, you have to go all the way …
Hector Mancha
Wonderful work of manipulation … surprising character and enigmatic, which adds mystery to his dexterity!
I watched the video twice, and the second time, I only looked at his hands … Bravo!