Steve’s advice:
Quad Strog arm
The tricks are OK, the usual from 4 strong young men, but no strong finishing trick which is a big problem for me. I am sorry, but I would not call that costume and the movements are very rigid, amateur gymnast like. You guys need to be sexy or romantic or something. Coming in on the wheel made me think perhaps slaves or Roman soldiers or something like that would go with the music. Or may be even completely opposite and be like futuristic robots. To book the act I would need to make a lot of changes.
Tatyana & Denis
It’s a beautiful act and they are great people. I can vouch for Denis and Tatyana as they were with us for 7 months recently. Highly recommend them. They also have a lighthearted and fun German Wheel act.
Duo Focus
This is a very popular style act. Nearly every show can do with one. However, there are now many around. I like the fact that the girl is strong and almost the same height as he. I would look at improving the image; a more stylish perhaps sexy look (not sure about the all in ones) and to and with a big trick so that the act ends with a climax. And most importantly the music should be different. Better and suitable music that stirs the audience would make the act twice as strong.
Victor Krachinov
Victor is like a breath of fresh air. Easy on the eye. The work is technically very good, exciting to watch, unusual movement/choreography, he looks very good in the ring. This is an act of high quality. The presentation and style unique. Victor doesn’t need to worry that his act will be copied in a hurry. I really enjoyed watching it. My advice is to work to or with the music more. Is the props table necessary being there from the start? Try to do the last trick longer or something else. Would be nice to have a more amazing wow ending. 7 clubs isn’t easy but its not long enough to really nail the audience. I would gladly have this act in my shows.
Do Ki Moon
At first I was excited and looking forward to watching this act. There are clever moves and nice magic, but it fell a little short of my expectation. My suggestion is to try out and work as much as possible and then it could become a highly specialised act.
Roxana Küwen
There seem to be more contemporary acts about. Clever and effective work for close up situations. Not so sure how it would come across on a big stage. I am not keen on the plain rehearsal look and feel. It’s not sexy and sex appeal is everything…
Antonin Navrati
Antonin is a seasoned circus performer. I liked that the tricks built towards the end of the act. I would recommend a more up to date costume, music and presentation.
Well here is another act that its a hard one. The Pirate theme and fire is interesting at first, but then I am not sure what is happening and it’s a little slow and not exciting. I kept thinking that the music was bigger than the visual. I think that this style can be developed. Then the second trick with the opera is out of place, too random for me. Should concentrate on continuity and well paced movements going with the music. I would keep the act within the Pirate theme throughout. The image perhaps to become the Pirate symbol of scull and bones or the captain from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
Aleksandra Soboleva
Unfortunately, this act and presentation doesn’t do it for me. However my advice is; work on the presentation, costume and if possible lose weight. Aleksandra is doing some difficult hoop juggling tricks, but not fully developed. For example high numbers such as 7 or 8 hoops need to be thrown at least one and half rounds, but should be 2 rounds. Flashing is not enough to get the audience involved and going. I am sorry.
Mike Chao
A very clean, skilled performance. My advice is that you should try music change to pick up the tempo after a while. Especially towards the end of the act. At the moment it’s a beautiful act but all on the same level and a little monotonous. Perhaps a surprise wow element at the end. In the right show a very good act.