Steve’s advice:
Claudia Bremlov
I like the work very much. This couple also have a decent quick change act. (I know because they worked in my show last year) As an ex juggler I was impressed with the pre foot juggling work. However, something is missing. May be presentation or personality. It’s worth exploring different ways and music as well. I am not keen on the costume either.
Igor Krychun
The look and music is good, but the choreography, the timing and the in between bowing is shocking. In fact comical. No pace or excitement. There is a look of amateurism. And he stands too close. (this I find irritating in most knife throwing acts) Surely they can learn to stand and throw a metre further away from the board. This act needs a lot of work before I would book them.
Marco Zoppi
I know Marco and his partner/wife Rolanda. They have an top bubble and magic show. They are the best I know. For me Marco’s performance on this TV show is just a little over the top. He is excellent and no need to over act, but that’s just my humble opinion. Keep it classy.
Les Beaux Frères
Very original. Certainly makes one watch this act. Does it deserve top rating? For me not. It all depends where and in which show. Easily copyable.
Heejin Diamond
Very beautiful lady, clean and tidy work. The staging and choreography does not look natural and it’s just a normal middle level hand balancing act. Sorry.
Alexey & Yulia
Very nice act, stylish and strong work. However, for me there is something missing to be a great act, which I can not explain. May be I don’t have the right contracts for them. Perhaps they are going up and down all the time and that stops the flow for me. Very nice regardless.
Konstantin Murariev
This has been one of my favourite acts. It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s skilful and a great story. I am waiting for the right show and contract to book him.
Alexander & Anna
Very good work but with safety longe can go for anything and the song Feeling Good is not at all the right choice of music for this act.
Alina Ruppel
Costume and prop very clean and perfect. However I am not a fan of this type of act. I wasn’t sure of the music either. Very powerful and overwhelming.
Ivan Radev
Very nice and a little unusual work. Costume made me think that it should be something else. Audience liked it and that says it all.