In the captivating realm of entertainment, where circus artists and magicians often steal the spotlight with their breathtaking performances, there lies a non-negotiable principle among show producers: the staunch refusal to hire individuals who are unconscious of the risks or who engage in dangerous practices. This article explores why maintaining stringent safety standards and professionalism is paramount for circus artists and magicians, ensuring their acts continue to enchant audiences without compromising on safety.

Safety: The Foremost Priority in Entertainment.

For circus artists and magicians, the stage is a place of wonder, but it’s also a space where the slightest oversight can lead to serious accidents. Show producers understand that the allure of a performance should never come at the cost of safety. That’s why individuals who disregard safety protocols or who exhibit a cavalier attitude towards danger are never considered for employment. The message is clear: safety is not just part of the act; it is the act. Ensuring that all performers are aware of and adhere to safety measures protects not only the artists themselves but also their colleagues and audiences.

The Pillar of Professionalism

Professionalism is the keystone premise on which circus artists and magicians groom their career. Punctuality, respect, and an all-round quest for excellence in the craft are part of it. Show producers look for them because it is them who lift the performance and the reputation of the show. An artist who proceeds with professionalism gives an essence of reliability and dedication, and this really does mean so much in the glamour world.

Example of Unconscious and Dangerous People

Here are two videos, each showcasing individuals who are not professionals engaging in highly dangerous activities. However, one might be considered for hire by a show producer, while the other would never be.

In the first video, where the girl performs the persian dance called Sama with a ring of fire around her dress, this woman could potentially be hired because, despite the significant danger, there’s a hint of a performance being staged. Of course, the act would need refining, and all conditions must be met to ensure the performer can work safely. This could include the performer’s body and clothing being treated with fire-retardant substances and having several people equipped with fire extinguishers ready to act at the first sign of danger. In short, there is potential.

In the second video, the girl skating in the street will never be hired by the show’s producers. Why not? Because she’s not in the right frame of mind! Even if all the safety conditions for the performer and the audience are met, she won’t be hired. It’s not a question of talent, it’s a question of mindset and attitude. The fact that she leaves things to chance is quite obvious. It’s easy to see that she doesn’t have a personal strategy, but rather a carefree, chance-based approach.

For those outside the intertainment industry, distinguishing between these two videos may not be straightforward. However, for a show producer, the difference is clear. A show producer might hire the first girl but he would never hire the second. Here is a tip from Tom Shanon for better understanding: Give a good performance every time, everyday!

Adaptation and improvement

Furthermore, for the sake of cut-throat competition, the continuous change in the entertainment industry and advents in new technologies and performance techniques, circus artists and magicians have to keep on cutting edges, adding to their acts new methods of safety and additional types of acts. Show producers would prefer their artists to be continuous learners and adjusters, making the performances they are involved in most likely to contribute to the development and survival of the show. Staying informed and adaptable ensures that performances are not only safe but also fresh and exciting for audiences.

The Importance of Mentorship

Behind many of the most successful circus performers and magicians, there is sometimes a mentor who has guided them through the intricacies of the world of entertainment. Show producers know that mentor relationships help build a culture of professionalism and safety. While they work on their acts, these relationships help guide performers through the many other areas of their careers. For both newcomers and seasoned performers, the guidance and support of mentors is often the difference between success and failure.


“We will not hire unconscious and unsafe people!” is an example of the importance which the industry places on safety and professionalism, and what it means to the successes and hits of circus artists and magicians. As one of the guardians of these standards, a show producer is similarly bound to ensure that the magic of the show is never at an unacceptable risk. Let this be a guiding principle, as the world’s greatest shows are created. They’re a beautiful mix of the most mysterious performances in the world, with the mastery of the most professional hands. And both are presented with moments of unmistakable safety, responsibility, and professionalism.

It’s a huge topic and we haven’t explored everything yet, so let’s all share our experiences. Let’s discuss in our community!

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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