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Artist: the beginner’s mistake!

In show business, it’s not unusual to come across someone who could hire you, such as a producer or a talent agent, and you have to jump at the chance to talk to them. The hard part is that you may only have a few seconds or a few minutes to speak, but that’s no excuse for making a beginner’s mistake.

When you present yourself, never say: I’m a professional artist. This word is counter-productive. If you say this, you’re making a big mistake. The person you’re talking too will immediately understand that you’re justifying yourself and that you’re inexperienced. Just say “I’m an artist”, or “I’m a circus artist”, or “I’m a magician”, etc.

Imagine that you’re sick and looking for a doctor, and the one you visit says to you, “I am a professional Doctor”. Personally, I would get out of there as quickly as possible! It’s exactly the same thing in your case. If you ever say that to a producer, they’ll be very amused! 🙂

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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