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Max has always been fascinated by the world of circus and magic. From his childhood, he admired performers who lived off their talents and traveled the world. Inspired by their profession, he has been training hard for several years to become a professional artist himself. Determined, he invests in performance equipment and promotes his work.

One day, Max learns about a talent competition being broadcast on TV, offering a chance to showcase his skills to the whole world and to be spotted by show producers. Filled with excitement and determination, he decides to apply, hoping that this competition could be his ticket to a better life.

Max goes through several selection stages and finally, he is chosen to participate in the show. Being on this show is a dream come true for him, but he is yet unaware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Upon his arrival on the set, while he is ready to talk about his profession as an artist, the show’s producers ask him for something else. They want him to share personal details about his life to evoke emotion in the viewers. Feeling uncomfortable, but eager to succeed, Max complies with the requests, not yet realizing the consequences of exposing his private life.

Over the weeks, Max faces overwhelming pressure to perform and entertain at all costs. The producers constantly manipulate emotions, creating artificial conflicts among the participants to increase suspense and viewership. Max starts to feel trapped in a game over which he has no control.

Financially, Max discovers well-established and unscrupulous methods to avoid paying the performers who contribute to the show’s success. The trick was to make each participant believe that they could be spotted by show producers and that they could win the prize.

No one seemed shocked by these methods, even though every cameraman, every technician, down to the person cleaning the floor, was paid, except the performers. Max realized that the business model of television competitions was a machine exploiting the artists, often established ones.

This general indifference only reinforced Max’s beliefs about what people think of artists. “People think artists are just having fun, so they don’t do a real job.” Max knew how much discipline it took to succeed as an artist. Artists need to acquire often exceptional skills, innovate, create their works, manage the commercial aspects of their career, as well as their image, promote their shows, and seek contracts. Being an artist requires great discipline and perseverance, often at the expense of a balanced life and financial stability.

Finally, disappointed and disillusioned by reality TV programs, Max had learned a lot from this experience. He realized he had been naive and now preferred to promote his art in a more professional manner.

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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