The Importance of Personal Connections.

Finding contracts is hard for circus artists and magicians! It’s not just about being great at your art, it’s about building lasting personal relationships with producers and others in the industry. These relationships provide a foundation of trust and opportunity. This article delves into strategies to deepen these connections.

Definition of “building personal relationships in business”

Building personal relationships in business is the deliberate act of creating and maintaining personal connections within a professional context.

This approach involves forming authentic and meaningful connections through informal activities, such as dinners, festive events, or or cultural outings. These relationships are built on mutual trust and shared experiences that strengthen bonds beyond the strictly professional framework. The idea of building such relationships is not just to increase communication or facilitate contract renewals, but also to forge a friendship that can support each individual’s personal and professional growth. The benefits include increased loyalty, improved conflict resolution, access to new professional opportunities, and a more engaging and satisfying work environment. In summary, “building personal relationships in business” is a holistic approach that recognizes the value of human and relational dimensions in business success. To complete this topic, you may also want to read this article: How can circus performers and magicians get into the entertainment industry?

Strategies for Strengthening Relationships

Inviting a Business Contact to Dinner

Promotes informal discussions and personal connections: A dinner invitation extends beyond a meal; it’s an opportunity for circus artists and magicians to engage with producers on a personal level. In the warmth of such meetups, professional facades can dissolve, allowing genuine connections to form over shared stories and experiences.

Organizing Parties or Friendly Events

Create a relaxed environment to build relationships: Whether it’s a party among friends, a barbecue, a birthday, or something else, parties and friendly events provide a setting for circus performers and magicians to interact with their producers (and other industry professionals) in a more relaxed atmosphere. These occasions promote a sense of community and trust, breaking down barriers and fostering a spirit conducive to collaboration.

Participating in Leisure Activities Together

Discovering common interests beyond work: Engaging in leisure activities presents a unique avenue for circus artists and magicians to connect with producers. Shared interests and hobbies reveal new aspects of personality and help strengthen complicity and mutual support.

Attending Cultural Events Together

Strengthens bonds through shared experiences: Cultural events provide a fertile ground for relationship building, giving circus artists, magicians, and their professional contacts the opportunity to get to know each other better and form connections around shared cultural appreciations. These experiences enrich both personal and professional lives.


For circus artists and magicians, the art of relationship building is as crucial as their performances. Through dinners, friendly events, leisure activities, and cultural experiences, they can transform professional interactions into lasting connections. This holistic approach is not just about improving communication or facilitating business interactions. It’s also about building strong friendships that help each person grow personally and professionally.

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Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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