Manuela’s advice:
Po-Han Huang
Manipulations is for me, the pure and honest kind of MAGIC !!! This young man is so different. His look, his “Silence” to perform and so “simple”.
I wish him all the best, to get even better, than he is already now.
Duo Ogor
Knowing how you both started, I have to say – congratulations for your act. As you know me – PASSION is the KEY for EVERYTHING and I don’t see it with you Milana. I can see how much you concentrate and everything you do, each touch with a hand, each connection with your husband is placed, but not on purpose. Open your personality and let the woman appear. Your act would be so much stronger, if both of you would feel each other. You need to add these things, to be different and special, because the tricks – we all know! My best wishes and succsess!!!!
Svetlana Bakunova
Basically the idea is not bad, but……Svetlana – if you ever would be hired by myself, you need to improve on:
A = to LOVE, what you do and if you do – you need to SHOW it. You look sooooo bored, that I get bored the first 10 seconds watching you.
B = the costume is NO costume
C = music is boring, all the same, no highlights and doesn’t do anything to me.
D = would be interesting to know, what the IDEA was you wanted to create?
E = You probably did Sport Gymn. befor, so use it, to make your act a little longer!
F = Juggling skill is not bad, but also not sooooo wauuu! I’m sorry – it didn’t “hit” me at all.
Maksym & Denys

These boys are working in our Show Fantissima the second season. Beside being very friendly and professional people, they are working each day at their best. Beside, they are very flexibal to take new music, new choreography and happy to learn more.
My advice: never change your attitude, we love you the way you are.

Vladislava Naraeva
I loved her the first seconds! Wonderful theme, great costume, perfect music, expression great, quality of handstand qualitiy – fantastic, requisit super and I would’nt change – NOTHING! One advice – work on the flexibiltiy – strech your legs and than……an act to remember!!!!!
Duo Dolce Vita
Well – many things for me are not intersting. Nr 1 – the changes are too slow – music not good for the artists, because they cannot move too well – the lady looks sooo “packed” and wrapped up – sorry – too many things – I would change.
Sergey Kapranov
For me the act is very long and nothing happens. Probably I’ve seen too many Chinese artists doing it – much higher. But even so – it is very difficult, to keep it interesting! My advice – change it to a new construction – looking like a chair, but doing more tricks!
Quad Strog arm
NICE TRICKS, good shaped Men, but… make a decision – Choreography or Circus! To me it looks like, “somebody” told you to do the steps – thank we “concentrate” again and Trick – thank a Move and Trick… Musik: a lot of Drama – but I don’t see nothing of it. Not in the moves, not in the face and also not in the order of tricks. I’m sorry