Manuela’s advice:
Les Beaux Frères
Advice: Funny, funny, funny .It looks so easy, because they perform it soooo easy, but my respect for the great work. With so “less” you can make soooo much. I would hire them, if I would have the good spot.
Heejin Diamond
Beautiful as the lady is….the tricks are good, but unfortunately -for me- not outstanding enough. High heels are great for the floor, but in the air, they cut the line of her legs. Costume is very pretty, but the music doesn’t fit to the Theme (Poker, Cards, “Mafia”?) so I would change it for sure. Open the hair earlier – it’s perfect to use during the act. Hope, someone
Alexey & Makeeva
Two wonderful artists: Tricks great, connection on point, not too long and never boring. Although there is not so much Choreo, they are in their charakter on the floor and in the air. Costumes are beautiful! Music is a taste question and not 100% mine, but… the are fantastic. Congratulations!
Konstantin Murariev
Comedy is and will be the “hardest” genre and thats why Konstantin has my full respect. I had to laugh and I have nothing more to say than…..Fantastic!!!
Alexander & Anna
Trickwise on an absolutely high level and performed with 100% ability. For 5 stars I wish, they could work on their performance. The version of a wonderful song, doesn’t help for me, because has nothing to do with the performance.
Please hire a choreographer to help you to complete your great act and you will be fantastic and the 5 stars from my side are guaranteed.
Alina Ruppel
Since I know Alina and did work with her I can say, she is a wonderful personality and a very talented woman. The beginning of this, for me new act is a little bit too long for me. The costume and her look is very tastefull and technicly, she has all what a contorsion act needs. My best wishes for her and succsess.
Aleksandra Kiedrowicz
An act, which is just beautiful to watch and Aleksandra has my full respect for her technical skills, her way to work with each music, has stylish and elegent costumes and is a pleasure – too look
Helena Polach
The juggling skill of Helena is indeed very good and beside a good looking lady too. Unfortunately for me too much “old” style. The music doesn’t help to be honest and for me it wouldn’t work.
Magic Shezan
Nice tricks, different and good performed, but….exept the sword – not so spectecular for me. Music, costume too oldfashion for me.
Ekaterina Demina
Very good technique and solid performance. The beginning – I don’t like – not very “Lady like”, but other than that a good performance. Music and costume fit’s her very well. I would wish she would “use” her facial expression a bit more and to see one more trick, others don’t do…she would be perfect!