When you are a circus artist or a magician, the real challenge isn’t performing feats on stage or finding good contracts. The real challenge is managing to turn your talent into a sustainable career and to distribute contracts evenly over 12 months. And for that, it’s not enough to just train and perfect your technique. You must be willing to engage in marketing and business, even if it’s not in your nature. In this article, I will reveal one of the tips I’ve developed that has brought me many contracts, and which I call “The Snowball Calendar Effect“.

Embracing the Dual Role of Artist and Entrepreneur

At the onset of my career, the thought of delving into business was daunting, as it did not come naturally to me. However, I quickly realized that mastering this aspect was crucial for survival. To thrive, one must accept their dual identity as both an artist and an entrepreneur. This means adopting a multifaceted approach that balances artistic passion with the pragmatism required for business success.

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Understanding the Snowball Calendar Effect

The Concept:

The “snowball effect” is a familiar metaphor, illustrating how a small snowball, once set in motion, grows larger as it rolls downhill. “The Snowball Calendar Effect” employs a similar principle. I created this idea in 1994 and I wanted it to be easy to understand and simple to do. Now I’ll going to show you the three steps to implement it.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Start with Pride: When you start feeling a little proud of the names of the companies you’re going to work for, make a simple table with the 12 months of the year.
  2. Color Coding: Mark dates in red when you are no longer available (the contract is signed) and in orange for contracts pending confirmation.
  3. Visibility: Ensure your calendar is easily accessible to as many producers, artistic directors, and potential employers as possible.

3 examples: 1994, 1998, and 2006/2007

Example from the beginning of my career

Example: producers start hiring me early

Example in the middle of my career

The Impact

This visual and verifiable proof of my engagements served as a powerful tool, encouraging more producers to book my services. This process evolved into a virtuous cycle; each new contrat not only represented a commitment but also enhanced my credibility, attracting further interest. It’s like each contract adds another layer of credibility and trust, attracting more attention and interest from potential producers. The fuller my calendar gets, the more it signals to others that my services are in demand, making them more inclined to work with me. As a result, some of the people in charge of booking artists quickly contacted me to reserve a slot for future years (sometimes two years in advance), for fear of not having my act.

Leveraging Small Wins for Major Outcomes

The strategy outlined above exemplifies how starting with small, positive steps can lead to significant, beneficial outcomes. Each successful engagement and satisfied client contributes to a growing momentum, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of success. It’s a testament to the power of building trust and demonstrating value, and how these elements can feed into each other to create a snowball effect of positive growth and opportunities.


The Snowball Calendar Effect is more than just a strategy for filling your calendar with bookings; it’s a testament to the power of building trust, demonstrating value, and leveraging every small win. As circus performers or magicians, embracing this approach can significantly impact your career’s trajectory.

Adding the date and location to the calendar also allows people in the area to see your show live. This has two advantages. The first is that it’s always better to see an artist live than on video. And the second benefit is that it multiplies the snowball effect even more.

You can also download the Business Address Book (producers, agents, art directors, event managers, etc.), a tool that saves you years in just 5 minutes. Combined with the “Snowball Calendar Effect”, your life will become easier.

Written by Tom Shanon (World Class Performer)
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