One key by vip Tom Shanon

Claudia & Dominik Facebook

I like the act but the the beginning is really too long.

Vostinic Veroljub

I am a huge fan of visually exciting Quick Change Costume Acts and book many of these acts. Though I am sorry to say that for the most part, your act didn’t excite me. Watching your video, Dominik – I felt your intro through the audience is far too long with nothing going on. Claudia, you have eight changes and Dominik you have one from your opening costume compared with other acts of this genre which are normally around 10 for females and 3 for males (minimum). I also felt, the flow of your ‘costume changes’ lacks the theatrical drama. My advice is to present your act in a more dynamic fashion. All the very best.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Your act of Quick Change remains very classic despite a good idea of introduction. But during your act keep the story… still work and you will achieve the success you deserve.

Roger Macello

This discipline having become so common, that one must really try to stand out …
Good act overall, but too much “Quik” in the cabin. But it is certain that the impact on the audience is already won … but it’s not enough.
Search, search, and still search to really personalize your act, so that it does not look like any other, which is not the case for the moment.


I find the introduction too slow. And it is a shame to take out an accessory (the banknotes) and then put it back in your pocket without anything happening with it. This act is certainly appreciated by an audience of neophytes but I have not seen anything really new in this issue.

Carlos Vaquera

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