One key by vip Tom Shanon

Ekaterina Demina Facebook

I love, because this is a contortion act that remains aesthetic. I have no advice to give 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub

A pefect control of the body (the work of slow motion is great), an impressive technical rigor and you care about aesthetic, in addition this is a suggestive act (usually acts of contortionists always hurt me).
A small suggestion, I imagine a cut on your costume (like cut skirt) to accentuate your long legs.

Carlos Vaquera

Very good technique and solid performance. The beginning – I don’t like – not very “Lady like”, but other than that a good performance. Music and costume fit’s her very well. I would wish she would “use” her facial expression a bit more and to see one more trick, others don’t do…she would be perfect!

Manuela Loffelhardt

Excellent act of contortion… with grace.

Pascal Daudey

Very nice act in a modern version, presented with a lot of elegance. Your soundtrack is well suited. I like your act and have nothing else to add.

Roger Marcello

Contortion is a traditional act in this market … Nice but I think this act is too much monotonous…


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