One key by vip Tom Shanon

Duo Romance Facebook

Nice act, energic, great tricks and well done. Just one thing, I never liked dark costumes… you are young and beautiful so take this opportunity to highlight yourself.
Continue this complicity between you… you can even go further. I think that a duality throughout the act would be great until the final kiss of reconciliation!


I like your act, your characters are very interesting. But when you have a black and red costume, choose lights that highlight you … so  around you do not choose black and red colors, if no we do not see you!

Vostinic Veroljub

Well choreographed, wonderful technique and nicely executed. I’d like to see your act in a more intimate environment but nonetheless, I very much enjoyed watching your act. Bravo

Adam Dion Bahoudian

I liked your act, it’s creative, there are original tricks… you stand out from others in this discipline. I think the singer behind you distracts your audience, it’s always better to stay focused on the act. I also think you have to choose less dark costumes. Anyway, this s a very good act!

Roger Macello

I really like how the man appears! I’m not sure about the woman’s costume, I do not think it highlights her. But this man and this woman make a lovely couple and everything looks simple. There is humor, surprise. Even if all tricks are not always perfect, we let ourselves go into the show without asking too much question. In short, it works and they are extremely likeable!

Carlos Vaquera

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