One key by vip Tom Shanon

Hector Mancha Facebook

Wonderful work of manipulation … surprising character and enigmatic, which adds mystery to his dexterity!
I watched the video twice, and the second time, I only looked at his hands … Bravo!


First class manipulation. Exceptionally different. A little spooky, but still sympathetic. Sometimes less – is more. A small criticism would be for me only that it is a little lengthy in the second third. All in all – very special, but very good.

Manuela Löffelhardt

Usually, when we look at a manipulation act, we say to ourselves: what a good manipulator! Here it is not the case, we really have the impression that there is no manipulation, but that we are in front of authentic magic – the possibility of working miracles. Hector Mancha is a real magician! I am a fan!!!

Carlos Vaquera

What dexterity in his manipulations … Big hands, big forearms, a character little spooky but which presents us a great act. We have the impression that everything could appear …

Pascal Daudey

Hector, you’re one of the best magican. Your prize in Rimini confirms it (World Manipulation Champion FISM 2015). Your talent and the artistic quality of your act are remarkable. I have no advice to give you and I hope to hire you to the next “Festival des Stars de la Magie et des Etoiles du Cirque”.

Roger Macello

I think it’s a bit too long … maybe cut 30 seconds. Anyway it’s a great act… bravo!

Vostinic Veroljub

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