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Helena Polach Facebook

I have presented her several times, and I will be as objective as possible…
She is a reliable, I mean she gives a good performance every time, something that we would like to see often. She is an artist who has a charisma and an incredible personality…
Technically, it’s impeccable and I have often seen men juggle with footballs but I have never seen women.
Moreover, in life, she is a nice person… it is not a detail … because it’s often influences what one is on stage … then without hesitation I give her a full marks.


Very nice juggling act, by a pleasant artist. The act is great but I am not a fan of the choice of music.

Pascal Daudey

Bravo Helena for your juggling act with footballs. A lot of dexterity, dynamism and charm. I had a great time to see your act and have nothing else to add, except that I hope to be able to book your act at the “Festival des Stars de la Magie et des Etoiles du Cirque” for 2018.

Roger Marcello

The juggling skill of Helena is indeed very good and beside a good looking lady too. Unfortunately for me too much “old” style. The music doesn’t help to be honest and for me it wouldn’t work.

Manuela Loffelhardt

I had the pleasure of seeing her during one of my presence to the “Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”. Despite her beauty and charm, she has a natural sympathy that makes us love her as soon as she enters on stage. Her technique is perfect and above all she has an extraordinary contact with the audience. She has tremendous ability to play with the audience and get people to react to good times. Small downside: the music strikes me a little on the nerves, but I imagine that outside the circus, she must have a music more adequate.

Carlos Vaquera

Beautiful energy and very smiling … I’m not sure about the music.

Vostinic Veroljub

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