One key by vip Tom Shanon

Po-Han Huang Facebook

Manipulations is for me, the pure and honest kind of MAGIC !!! This young man is so different. His look, his “Silence” to perform and so “simple”.

I wish him all the best, to get even better, than he is already now.

Manuela Loffelhardt

Beautiful act with nice creations, I really like.

Roger Marcello

My master Arturo de Ascanio always said: “to successfully bring out the magical atmosphere, the audience must have no idea how the effects are made. If the audience has an idea and even if it is very far from the real solution, there is no magic.” Here the technique and ideas are excellent, but at times we “feel” something. I think the act has yet to evolve and become more mature. And it is absolutely necessary to create some breaks because this one seems to me too monotonous.

Carlos Vaquera

Very nice act, clever and elegant …
I recommend you find a suitcase even more suitable to the style of your act…
Bravo !


I love the atmosphere you create and the story around your act. I think a lot of artists should get inspired by your work instead of always looking for the technical feat… bravo 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub

Lot of poetry in this act but I was never really surprised. A little bit more rhythm would be welcome.

Pascal Daudey

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