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Your scenography is well thought out. But to better see your lanterns ask to lower the light … and it will be more consistent with the story. For your next show, do the necessary to be more in the dark.
Bravo 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub

Nice tricks, different and good performed, but….exept the sword – not so spectecular for me. Music, costume too oldfashion for me.

Manuela Loffelhardt

I like when acts have a story to tell us. Too often it’s just a technical demonstration and it’s a shame. Here, we find a character, an intrigue, an evolution in the history. We pass from the illusion, to the contact juggling and to the balance of a spinning top. In short, here is a different act that can appeal to all audiences.

Carlos Vaquera

Excellent magic act with a beautiful scenography ; maybe the statue could be more distressing at the beginning of the act.

Pascal Daudey

Great act and very original … nice ideas and beautiful props.
But I suggest you find a teacher of body language.
Good job!


I have already seen your act many times. Your tricks are nice, but you have to learn to move… and maybe the color of your costume should be more conspicuous.

Roger Marcello

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