Introduction: A Valuable Alternative to Reality TV Shows

In a world where reality TV can often misrepresent or exploit talent, the “VIP ADVICE” program offered a precious alternative, providing artists with practical advice. Every Sunday, magicians and circus performers benefited from the expertise of major industry figures. The goal was to help artists improve and find work while avoiding the pitfalls and risks associated with reality TV shows like AGT (America’s Got Talent). In total, 423 pieces of advice and comments were cataloged.

The participants:

Who Were the VIPs? The VIPs included significant producers, artistic directors, and eminent personalities from the world of magic and circus, all united to provide sound and sincere advice to those willing to listen.

Who Were the Artists? The artists who received advice from the VIPs were mostly established international performers, including magicians and circus artists.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Program


  • Focus on Artistic Improvement: Artists benefited from advice aimed at perfecting their art rather than just winning a competition.
  • Direct Access to Decision-Makers: Artists simply presented their video. The submitted videos were evaluated directly by producers and artistic directors, facilitating real employment opportunities.
  • Artistic Integrity: Unlike AGT, artists presented their full act without having to cut it down for limited TV slots.
  • Respected Confidentiality: Participants were not forced to share personal details about their lives, saving them from the negative aspects, perverse effects, and risks of reality TV shows.


  • Limited Visibility: Compared to platforms like AGT, the artists had a much more restricted audience.
  • No Monetary Prize: The program did not offer financial rewards, focusing solely on professional advice.

Conclusion: An Invaluable Resource for Artists

“VIP ADVICE” may no longer be broadcast, but the lessons imparted remain highly relevant for any artist aspiring to a career away from the pitfalls of mainstream platforms. This advice, accumulated over the years, constitutes a treasure trove of valuable information, still accessible to those seeking to improve. For all magicians and circus artists eager to access these valuable resources, we invite you to visit the page of 423 advice and comments by clicking here “VIP ADVICE” (then click on an artist’s image for the tips to appear).


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