One key by vip Tom Shanon

Aleksandra Kiedrowicz Facebook

An act, which is just beautiful to watch and Aleksandra has my full respect for her technical skills, her way to work with each music, has stylish and elegent costumes and is a pleasure – too look

Manuela Loffelhardt

Here is a act where we can see the mental flexibility of the artist. Yes, I’m talking about her creativity that is as flexible as her body. What a great idea. However, in this act, I miss something. I admire her beauty, her flexibility, but even if technically it’s perfect, I’m not convince by the act. Moreover, I think that the interpretation of the song of Serge Lama by Lara Fabian doesn’t suit. (although I must admit that at the beginning, I found that the idea of the bubble – the microbe – was perfect for a song called “Je suis malade”… traduction: I’m sick).

Carlos Vaquera

Romantic and great.
I give you one idea: in the ball, I imagine the diffusion of a small amount of smoke. There are miniature smoke machines, that you can find in specialized stores … Thanks to the smoke the lights around you would be even more beautiful and the atmosphere fantastic.

Vostinic Veroljub

N/A missed this act.

Steve Bor

Nice performance … You are already an international artist, you do not need a lot of advice to succeed… Great talent.

Roger Marcello

I was surprised, impressed and anxious at the opening of the ball…
Beyond the artistic performance, I’m not a fan of the color of the costume and the reflections caused by the ball.
But congratulations for the performance.

Pascal Daudey

Nice act… but it’s the ball that brings the novelty…
I think this song is unsuitable for the act…
I leave a bit disappointed…


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