One key by vip Tom Shanon

Alfredo Silva & Anna Silva (Brazil): Facebook

Alfredo has worked in some of our production shows, he is a very talented young man! As for his act, he has taken an old trick and made it uniquely his own with flair and class….full marks Alfredo, keep on rocking!

Adam Dion Bahoudian

I’m hardly in a position to speak about this act… I have seen too many fatal accidents, and I wonder if it’s worth it.
That said, it’s a beautiful act but nothing new… blindfolded are they much needed for the first part, while nowadays no one is fooled…
I would have prefered to see the act in the conditions of a normal show, but not during a TV recording…


This kind of act, in my personal opinion, only is adjustable in a show, if she doesn’t speak. The question – can he see or can he really not see – will always be open, for the public. It looks of course more risky, as you can see the judge reacting, but… it interrupts the beautiful scenario of the act (costume, music is perfect). Choreography is an issue, they should get someone, to work more together as a loving couple. It needs a story!!! (She loves him, but he obviously – doesn’t) 🙂 otherwise it becomes an act, like many others existing already 🙁

Manuela Löffelhardt

Good knife throwing act with a modern and renewed scenographie…
The suspense is present and the act runs very well with a couple at the top! Congratulations!

Pascal Daudey

Beautiful performance with a very good staging that immediately immerse the audience, the suspense of the scene is crescendo and kept the audience engaged. Your partner plays her role perfectly with grace and sensuality.
My advice: this video, made during a TV show, has an exceptional scenery. Can you propose and bring the same scenery everywhere, theater, circus…? If yes, then your act his almost perfect!
Congratulations to both of you and bravo for your professionalism.

Roger Marcello

Lots of emotions… the woman plays very well.

Vostinic Veroljub

Alfredo Silva knife one key by vip

Here is one advice for all artists:

Being unreliable is a mistake pros no longer make!

When you are an artist you can work every day in front of a live audience, so don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to extraordinary feats on video that generate buzz on Internet (on Youtube for example, people only post their feats but don’t show the times they messed up).

The challenge of performing on stage is being “live.” So you have to give a good performance every time for the duration of your contract. On stage your exploit is making sure that you give a good performance each and every day, in front of a live audience, and to make them believe that it is the best show of your life!

Tom Shanon