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Well here is another act that its a hard one. The Pirate theme and fire is interesting at first, but then I am not sure what is happening and it’s a little slow and not exciting. I kept thinking that the music was bigger than the visual. I think that this style can be developed. Then the second trick with the opera is out of place, too random for me. Should concentrate on continuity and well paced movements going with the music. I would keep the act within the Pirate theme throughout. The image perhaps to become the Pirate symbol of scull and bones or the captain from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Steve Bor



Vostinic Veroljub


The character is well chosen, he acts with ease with the fire, the finale is surprising and lyrical! But I am not a fan of fire and the assistant should move more slowly.

Pascal Daudey


Take all the drama out and focus on the fire! Too much of musik, costume and less “magician behaviour” would be very helpful, to bring the most important up to front -> the MAGIC!! 😉 Make the Assistent be part of the act!

Manuela Löffelhardt

It is very difficult to become an original magician…. though you are trying to be original, your act needs more work. Just be more careful with your string it is very obvious how the flames are moving and for the Pavarotti picture at the end ditch it and find something a more dynamic to finish off with.

Adam Dion Bahoudian


I always knew Alpha… he stands out from other magicians with his own character, unexpected partners, and he has always search to creat unusual acts ! I like this artist, in my opinion he has nothing more to prove about his creations…



Is the partner is required in this act? To only move the board and to come to greet.

Gérald Le Guilloux


ALPHA is a world-renowned creative magician. Let him continue his work to amazed us for a long time and to transmit his knowledge to the younger generations of magicians.

Roger Marcello

Apha magician one key by vip

Thanks to all the VIPs for your advice. Your comments can only be constructive!


One advice for all artists:

What goes into a successful show?

Creating emotion must be your objective and the rule. Why? Because spectators only remember things that move them, which happens through their emotions. A show’s true success is not measured by the artist’s technical performance, nor the number of tickets sold, nor even the amount of applause. Rather, the show’s success is directly related to the intensity of the emotions the spectators experience. I use the term “emotion” to describe all sorts of emotions, such as joy, fear, laughter, sadness, love, etc.

Tom Shanon