One key by vip Tom Shanon

Anton Mikheev (Russia): Facebook

I’m not a fan of aerial straps but I love your act! My advice: improve the expression of your face.

Vostinic Veroljub

Lovely act of straps with nice figures… The idea of the ball is good and brings something personal…
You are young and good-looking… why this dark costume… Make us dream by brightening your act, with a costume that will reflect the freshness of your young age…


First – great artist – respect! I love the idea with the ball. To make it for ME perfect: Anton – FEEL something!!!! Your face is EMPTY, your body does all the tricks perfect, but YOU need to be ONE with your ball. I wish, I could show you 🙂 So much potential, someone needs to “find” it and show you. This act has for sure a good future.

Manuela Löffelhardt

Originality and creativity… with ease, in a wonderful aerial choreography. Nice synchronization between the straps and the ball. Your youth, makes me think that you will still amaze us in the future.
My advice : although your act is almost perfect, I suggest you to smile more. Congratulation for your work.

Roger Marcello

I thought you were great, you have taken a strap act that is performed by hundreds of other aerialists BUT you have been creative in your presentation and made it yours….I give you full marks for doing this! However, when you are free of the ball and winched up…..this is where you should showcase all your skilled aerial tricks, skills and more so that you can stand out from the rest of the aerialists/strap acts. I wish you all the success you deserve….best wishes.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Aerial straps with a ball, this is surprising and quality.
The music is too monotone and I think that your act may even more evolve.

Pascal Daudey

Here is one advice for all artists:

The computers and the digital era have revolutionized the profession. The artist is no longer at the beckon call of the artistic agent. He is now really becoming independent!

By nature, the artist has often had a feeling of disenchantment with money and business. But nowadays, he must become more and more like an entrepreneur. By accepting to adapt, the artist will be more successful!

Tom Shanon