One key by vip Tom Shanon

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Great technique but change your music and your costume for something more modern.

Vostinic Veroljub


It is very difficult to innovate in this discipline… Nevertheless, good job, but blindfolded for head balance, is this much needed? It does not bring anything…
Maybe find another end, Gérard Edon remaining one of the best of the kind… so why not like him, a “standing” front in full swinging…
Changing costume would also be a good idea … something more modern corresponding to your physique…



He gives a masterful performance, it’s extraordinary to imagine how he masters balance in motion… well done!
My advice: the costume (trousers, shirt, scarf) needs a express restyle…

Pascal Daudey


Antonin is a seasoned circus performer. I liked that the tricks built towards the end of the act. I would recommend a more up to date costume, music and presentation.

Steve Bor


Music is out of date and needs pace. Your costume also needs to be more showy. I personally feel that your act is too long as currently performed. Overall and I find your skills great in parts and keep at it…you will improve and eventually achieve your goals.

Adam Dion Bahoudian


A classic Washington trapeze number that lacks originality. Improvements are advised on a more personalized and more dazzling costume. Ground movements between tricks must be more artistic and dynamic. The lighting effects must be improved and in tune with the music. In this respect, musical accompaniment must be faster. The final of the act must be stronger with a stunning trick for the audience.

Roger Marcello

Antonin Navratil, One Key By VIP

Thank you Tom and also to all the VIP team for your comments. All comments was very useful for me and my act. Hope it helps me to get better in my work.

I have to inform you that I already change the costume…and also music…but very often happen that the directions take my ”old school” or ”retro” style. Unfortunetly I dont have any new video of my act with a new music and costumes. For example I have been working last year in Norway with a production where the whole show was more in the Cirque Du Soleil style.

I hope that we stay in contact,

Antonin Navratil

Here is one advice for all artists:

This profession is difficult, if you don’t have the soul of an “ARTIST-WARRIOR”, do an another job!

Tom Shanon