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At first I was excited and looking forward to watching this act. There are clever moves and nice magic, but it fell a little short of my expectation. My suggestion is to try out and work as much as possible and then it could become a highly specialised act.

Steve Bor


The chosen theme is original for a magic act. Do Ki Moon can still improve his act with more vanishs and apparitions… why not some musical instruments… and a stronger finale. I also advice a lighter costume when the curtain is dark.

Roger Marcello

Unfortunately you did not grab my attention in the first 1 minute of your act, by the time you reached 3.5 minutes into your act, it really fell away. My advice to you is, if this is your chosen path, then you need to do a considerable amount of research for this type of act, borrow elements but make sure that you make it your own original act. Have you considered theatrical make up to compliment the style of your act. Nonetheless, in the right environment you will do well and keep working hard…..Remember ‘keep it original’ ! Good luck!

Adam Dion Bahoudian


The magic is there, the character and the repetitive humor also but improve the staging by copying the moves of a true conductor and improve the complicity with the audience.

Pascal Daudey


The idea is good, but your act is too much muddled…
Too many useless gesticulations, which sometimes prevents appreciating the magical effects … a little more simplicity would be better… It looks like you’re still looking for your character… courage… you will manage to get exactly what you want!



Your act lasts 7 min, I think you have to condense it and do 6 min.

Vostinic Veroljub

do ki moon one key by vip

Advice for all artists:

Agents and producers would rather see an artist perform, even in a mediocre venue, than watch a beautiful video. But if it’s not possible to invite them, send a video of a live performance in front of a real audience.

Tom Shanon