One key by vip Tom Shanon

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Good act with a final not seen before!
Perhaps this act deserves better than a simple foam carpet … a nice stage riser would put the act more in value!
Choose more modern costumes…
Why enter on stage with a jacket to remove it immediately? I think I guess why… but do not be swayed, you deserve so much better!


I really like your act and especially your finale … but I think this music will not help you. Well done and congratulations!

Vostinic Veroljub

Very nice work. Keep doing what you are doing.

Steve Bor

I am sorry to say, but this music is painful. Otherwise it is a solid performance and the tricks are very well done. Question; why is the jacked, in the beginning, in skin color? That does not make sense to me. I would recommend to go over your act with a director, cause you have great skills and its a pity that you don’t put them in the right light.

Nadine Imboden

What impresses me the most in their work is their slow execution. This muscular and technical work is more complicated than we think. On the other hand, I am not convinced of their musical choice which seems to me too repetitive. Bravo!

Carlos Vaquera

Good acrobatic act with interesting figures despite some hesitation for some. I think you must review the choice of your music.

Roger Macello

The address list 2018 is online 🙂