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I was captivated by Gromic, the time flies so fast with him. We smile and then we laugh heartily at his tricks and jokes…
My advice: I’m not a fan of the final when you leave the stage; It could be more poetic…

Pascal Daudey

As a children entertainment act, you are great. You can put a smile on any child’s face and they will love you. But if you want to be considered as a headline variety act in a production show, you need to be original. All the segments you have included in your act, have been done before many times by other visual comic acts. You need to develop your own identity.
My mantra is…if you are going to take an old trick and nothing wrong with doing that, then you must make it your own! I wish you all the luck and success in the future.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Poetry and tenderness … I fell back into childhood 🙂
I like and I would love to see you push this character as much as possible. I see your character as a “STRONG MAN WITH A TENDER HEART”. Bravo!

Vostinic Veroljub

Too much exaggerated, your character is not natural… to much funny faces and unnecessary noises… we feel that you want to get at any price the laughter of the audience…
And too many tricks already seen, like the microphone as partner… many people have already used it…
In my opinion, you have not yet found your character… look for your humour in the sincerity without exaggeration… (please cut that beard that hinders your funny expressions and which you could benefit from).


Good performance with a nice mixing of clowning and magic, although some tricks have already been seen with other artists.
My advice: I suggest you bring more personal creativity in your gags and choose another color for your jacket (red for example) so as to give more color to your act.

Roger Marcello

I’m honest. I didn’t laugh once. I’m sorry! A good comedian needs to have the perfect TIMING of each “joke”, which makes it to the most difficult acts to do. Each movement has to be 100% clear and placed. The “sound” you make – is for me nervid and not necessary at all! You need TRADEMARK, (Jigalov = Finger, Larible = red nose and make up, Fumagalli = Hairstyle, Housch-ma-Housch = Hairstyle) You need personality and good mime. I have to say – a lot to work on.

Manuela Löffelhardt

Gromic clown

” We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”. Bill Gates.

I thank each VIP giving me a feedback in their attempt to help me in my artistic journey. George Carl, Avner the Eccentric, Peter Shub, Leandre and Fraser Hooper are the great artists who ignited my passion and dedication for clowning. I have chosen to perform without words, technical skill demonstration, without vulgarity and with real few material. I usually perform long shows (30-45min)… I rarely do short versions. In this video made for TV, it was the first time I made an act so short (for a unique appearance). Despite the pression, I decided to add one more challenge: performing without music.

Thank you for letting my character transports you to a no-time world and for enjoying the journey.
My act is usually longer ( here) and with another final. Therefore your mention about my way out of stage makes sense to me.
Thank you for inviting me in finding more poetry in it.

Thank you for your insightful and constructive feedback. By ” what” and “how” you give it to me, I realise you are not only a brilliant professional but also a great person.
It is true that I use a common theme which is the use of a jacket as a partner, a drop- head effect or ball-in-mouth apparition, however my act is full of personal touch and finds within and beside those effects which are usually appreciated by clowns such as some great ones I mentioned earlier.
Your feedback back helps me to understand how my act is perceived by professionals who are not in the comedy creative process.
It might surprise you but your feedback helps me mostly from a marketing prospective and about how to position myself in the market.
This is definitely of high value for me!

Thank you so much for letting my act transport you back to the poetry and tenderness of childhood.
You blowed my mind by your vision of perceiving Gromic as a “strong man with a tender heart” because it coincides exactly with my intimate dream of a what Gromic is aiming to.
Thank you so much for asking more of me.

I watched you on TV when I was a child. So thrilled you watched my act. What a privilege.
A better use of sound during my total silent act and your suggestion about my beard are relevant points for me.
Thank you for pushing me with such strenght in looking further and believe I can do even better.

Thank you for appreciating my performance. Great to be appreciated by a pro like you.
You are right that some effects already exist.
As you are not the only one making a mention about adding a personal touch when actually there is one, I understand that when people refer to “originality” they actually refer to finding a “never seen” theme which is another way of being different.
Same phenomenon might happen to any juggler creating a personal act using 3 balls but not consider as “original” because already done; a magician performing a big illusion, or a singer creating a song about love for the same reason.
Thank you also for your suggestion about to change the colour of the jacket.

Great to receive a feedback from a great professional using to work with visual comedians.
Although working as visual comedians, it makes sense to me you did not laugh as my act is a poetry one (as the presenter introduce it as such.)
A better use of sound and your suggestion about finding a distinctive sign are relevant to me.
Thank you for inviting me in working even harder.t

To finish, I want to thanks Tom Shanon for giving the opportunity to receive feedback from worldwide class show business people. It is a delicate situation to be publicly exposed to “critics”. Tom is making a great work and really cares for performers and quality. That something I celebrate.

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