One key by vip Tom Shanon

Igor Krychun Facebook

An impressive character and the partner fit with him. We are afraid for her throughout the act. It is well built, but I would reduce the number of parasitic movements or I would change costumes (idea: why not come with a straitjacket, as if the character was coming straight from a psychiatric hospital?)

Carlos Vaquera

Good entrance with a beautiful scenery and terrifying characters. But the act continuity was classic with movements a little messy and without interest… I got a little bored. I advise you to review your acting and also your music. Good luck.

Roger Macello

It is very interesting, nice ideas and different from what we are used to seeing. But I think you should perfect your acting.

Vostinic Veroljub

When I go to a circus or a theatre show, I am excited and look forward to escaping from the hustle and bustle of my everyday work. In my personal opinion…unfortunately, watching your act was not a pleasant escapism journey for me, in fact it had quite the opposite effect. Watching your video was a ‘nerve eroding’ experience. I was anticipating, sheer terror, particularly as your performance is part of a horror circus but the feeling of ‘edge of the seat’ terror just fell short. Too much overacting without delivering the desired result, your music is terrible and your act was not at all credible. As for the music, you have so many other horror music choices to select from, rather than resorting to heavy/deaf metal. My advice is to engage a professional choreographer to tighten your act, coach you and your partner with credible acting and essentially ’slick’ your act. Sorry but I can only judge on what is in front of me and on this occasion, your act was not very convincing. Nonetheless, I do wish you and your partner all the very best. Please take my constructive advice on board and follow through. I am keen to receive a new video in the near future. Best wishes.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

The look and music is good, but the choreography, the timing and the in between bowing is shocking. In fact comical. No pace or excitement. There is a look of amateurism. And he stands too close. (this I find irritating in most knife throwing acts) Surely they can learn to stand and throw a metre further away from the board. This act needs a lot of work before I would book them.

Steve Bor

The choreography looks funny to me and I was amused to watch.

Nadine Imbodeny

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