One key by vip Tom Shanon

Ivan Radev Facebook

Very good act by a confirmed and talented artist. I have nothing else to say… I had a great time watching this video.

Roger Marcello

The music does not fit the costume and the costume does not fit the act. But I like the tempo and the tricks, there is a lot of action.

Nadine Imboden

Very nice and a little unusual work. Costume made me think that it should be something else. Audience liked it and that says it all.

Steve Bor

Beautiful traditional act, good technique…
Can you have a costume more suited to the show?
At the circus, be careful not to work only in front view… don’t forget that you have people all around…
Try to smile more, have more complicity with the audience, etc…


I think you should try with another style of music… at 5:50 I think it’s not worth dancing… Good luck

Vostinic Veroljub

A lot of rhythm in this juggling act, the jump rope is original and the final interesting.

Pascal Daudey

I have trouble evaluating this kind of act. The music get on my nerves, even if technically it’s perfect, I must admit that I’m bored. I imagine there are spectators who like, but that’s not really my case. Although I am aware of the professionalism of the artist.

Carlos Vaquera

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