He’s crazy and makes me laugh a lot! 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub

There are so many jugglers and therefore jugglers need to be absolutely astonishing to grab my attention. However, your juggling skills are okay but by introducing sound effects and comedy, you made it your own and that’s a positive! With the right direction, you would be a good filler in a show. All the very best for your future.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

I enjoyed watching this act, great work.

Nadine Imbodeny

Here is a human beatbox in the style of “Courtemanche” or “Elliot”.
I imagine, you did the hard school of the street. In short, an act that can adapt everywhere for any audience and will always reap the applause of its spectators. I just have a comment: I’m not at all a fan of your costume.

Carlos Vaquera

It’s funny … crazy, original … but I think you can go even further in the madness …
When you choose a character style, you have to go all the way …


Juggling, human beatbox and comedy, here is a modern and surprising act that we would really appreciate in a modern circus.

Pascal Daudey

Good juggling tricks with comedy and good effects, but I think there are too much gesticulation which bring nothing to your act. I think your act can be even better!

Roger Macello

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