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Roxana Küwen (Germany):  Website


I can see that a consideration amount of thought and preparation have gone into your act…full marks for this and also for the uniqueness of your act. I can see your act working in one of our productions, however I would need to doctor your act and produce you to suit a specific theme show. I feel that your act is too long and should sit around 5 minutes, you can see perform all your tricks in a compact 5 minute act. Also, you may want to review your costume. I wish you all the best of luck for your future endeavo.

Adam Dion Bahoudian


Really great ! My advice: even if it is a minimalist act, choose well your lights with the lighting designer.

Vostinic Veroljub


There seem to be more contemporary acts about. Clever and effective work for close up situations. Not so sure how it would come across on a big stage. I am not keen on the plain rehearsal look and feel. It’s not sexy and sex appeal is everything…

Steve Bor


A juggling act with balls, very original. Find a costume more suited for show which corresponds to the music… although your black clothes are not ugly…

Roger Marcello


Very original and unique… the beginning is a little too slow… start faster with this surprising beginning…
Are these black clothes are indispensable? I suppose it is to highlight the white balls… maybe a compromise is possible…



Excellent work with 4 … and excellent work on the floor. My advice: Who is this character who plays with hands and feet? Is it us to guess? Or it’s up to you to show us it?

Pascal Daudey

Roxana Küwen, the secret of pros, one key by vip

Advice for all artists when they talk about their act.

Be careful: “to understand what an artist does, the best description in the world will never be as powerful as seeing them on stage”

Tom Shanon