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4 stars for the juggling skill. For Varieté you are excellent, for me in a show?
No character, no “story”, no personality. I would make a “doll” out of you. A “beautiful” or a “scary” one. With a costume like steam punk and better music. A good choreographer could do the little “.” on the i 🙂

Manuela Löffelhardt


You know how to look at the audience with a great charm. Your character would be even more interesting if you could accentuate this aspect! An amazing technique! 🙂

Vostinic Veroljub


I see you in a black velvet dress with silver strass !!!

Gérald Le Guilloux


Very nice work combining juggling and houla-up. Look for a presentation and a costume that more highlight you, and which are more to the dimension of this nice technique. But … very well.



Unfortunately, this act and presentation doesn’t do it for me. However my advice is; work on the presentation, costume and if possible lose weight. Aleksandra is doing some difficult hoop juggling tricks, but not fully developed. For example high numbers such as 7 or 8 hoops need to be thrown at least one and half rounds, but should be 2 rounds. Flashing is not enough to get the audience involved and going. I am sorry.

Steve Bor


Try to tell a story when you juggle all the hoops…. what I’m saying is you’re trying to give more but lacking in showmanship.

Adam Dion Bahoudian


A lot of self-confidence and ease that shows that artist mastered his art with passion. My advice is to better show the many hoops used at the end of the act, because it raises the challenge!.

Pascal Daudey


Aleksandra Sobolieva is an artist who has talent, character, an iron will and desire for perfection. This Hula Hoop act is innovative and deserves to be known in Europe. But the costume and the choreography are not elaborate enough. I saw other videos of her where the act is more elaborate 🙂

Roger Marcello

Aleksandra soboleva one key by VIP

One advice for all artists:

Here is a tip that will make things easier.

When you arrive on a new stage, don’t give out your instructions separately to the sound operator, to the lighting designer and the stage manager. Figure out a way to bring everyone together and give your instructions to the sound, light, and stage managers at the same time. This way they’ll work together better, and each person will be aware of what the others need to do during your act.

This strategy will prevent unpleasant surprises 😉

Tom Shanon