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Often artists have a taste for risk… I asked VIPs to tell me about the “DANGER”
– Suppose that the score of 0/10 represents no risk
– and 10/10 artists really risk their lives

Question to VIPs:
To produce a successful show, what level of risk do they choose?
Tom Shanon


  • Level of risk accepted by VIPs: 5.42/10

Level of risk: 6/10

It’s very hard to say. There is always risk involved with producing. Trying something new and original is progress and also risky. These days the stakes are high, specially if relying on ticket sales. Even when creating a brand new show I always make sure that there are tried and tested elements that I know will work and then add some new and therefore “risky” ideas. Without risk there is no excitement. There is no art. Risk is something that we want to minimise, but the same time it is an important ingredient.

Steve Bor

Level of risk: 5/10

Vostinic Veroljub

Level of risk: 2/10

The artist must not risk his life!

Roger Marcello

Level of risk: 6,5/10

I’ve seen a lot of people take risks and I’m still divided about it…
Maybe it’s worth it, for an unprecedented or extremely spectacular acrobatic figure …?
If it’s just to get the public to react, I think “the game is not worth it”
Life is too precious, and I have unfortunately seen too many artists kill themselves to note that it’s not worth it.
On the other hand, when I saw, among others Elvin Bale jump in the forward direction from his Washington trapeze, caught by his heels, without any protection, it is obvious that I was very impressed… it is an example… because I saw so many others!
So risk taking, yes, but for a real performance…


Level of risk: …/10

I would say that there are two types of risk, one that is dangerous for the artist and the one that is staged. Anything that can be bad to bodily well-being is, in my opinion, to be avoided. Spectators often do not realize the technical difficulty of a act. On the other hand, personally, I like to take risks (during my 12 visits to the Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, I realized acts that I had never presented in front of an audience before – but in my case I do not take any physical risk). Behind every fear lies a desire. So, yes, take risks without risking your life or a disabling accident.

Carlos Vaquera

Level of risk: 8/10

As long as you take the proper precautions make it as exciting as possible at your limits.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Level of risk: …/10

Its not the risk that makes an artistic number memorable. Charisma, emotions, music, technique, choreography, costumes… its the whole performance who makes an act interesting and exciting.

Nadine Imboden

Level of risk: 5/10

Whatever you do, wherever you are, there is always some risk. I think 5/10 is good. Every risk must be calculated.

Pascal Daudey