One key by vip Tom Shanon

Mathieu Bolillo Facebook

Great version Mathieu, with the band and the talented singer. I do not have much advice to give to this excellent artist who presents an original and very physical act, which obtained the Achille ZAVATTA Gold Trophy at the Festival of Stars of Magic and Stars of Circus 2017.

Roger Marcello

My advice: the act is a little too long, I would shorten 1min. I wish you the best.

Vostinic Veroljub

I was surprised by this impressive and unusual prop, I expected something much more spectacular … but except some nice and identical balances tricks, there was a lot of gesticulation for nothing… maybe you need to review your act…


Its an interesting prop who offers a lot of different possibilities. Exciting number to watch.

Nadine Imboden

We recognize the work of a gymnast in parallel bar. Even if there is nothing to say technically, this act didn’t do it for me… Moreover, the final is not the most impressive technique of the act. I think that the band and the singer divert the attention.

Carlos Vaquera

To be totally frank, I felt that your act is borderline…boring. My comments are based on what I have seen of your skills and I have to be honest… your skills are limited. Your performance with your prop went on and on repeatedly and ‘went nowhere’. When your guitar solo peaked, this is where you should have absolutely ‘sold your act’ and excited us but this didn’t happen. Nothing exciting… sorry, my opinion based on what I have viewed is… boring.

Adam Dion Bahoudian

Excellent act that deserves the trophies received. I would nevertheless go even further in the idea created by the chains …

Pascal Daudey

I have been offered this act a couple of times in the past and I didn’t take it. The prop is different, but it is limited and I am not keen on it. There isn’t enough level of difficulty in the tricks. I suggest to change the prop and see what else can be developed.

Steve Bor

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