Beautiful act… sexy but not too much… nice tricks, personality and charm.
It seems to me that the beginning with “cabaret” is too long … But very nice act… bravo.


That’s crazy. What flexibility and elegance! The more graceful the contortion is, the more interesting it is.

Pascal Daudey

Since I know Alina and did work with her I can say, she is a wonderful personality and a very talented woman. The beginning of this, for me new act is a little bit too long for me. The costume and her look is very tastefull and technicly, she has all what a contorsion act needs. My best wishes for her and succsess.

Manuela Löffelhardt

Costume and prop very clean and perfect. However I am not a fan of this type of act. I wasn’t sure of the music either. Very powerful and overwhelming.

Steve Bor

Unfortunately the act does not touch my soul. Beautiful girl, great technique, perfect body, but nevertheless i miss the sexapeal.
I would propose to change the beginning of the number and start first with the music and only then appear. The transitions from one music to the other is not nice and the choreography needs to be a bit more exciting.

Nadine Imboden

The flexibility of Alina (Eliza) is fascinating, extraordinary! She has a beautiful physique. The act is very well built with constant technical difficulties and a remarkable and difficult final (all its weight on his cervical vertebrae !!!), but paradoxically I feel a lack of confidence in her steps and a body that does not connect with the rhythm. As if the technique erased the feeling of the artist. It’s a shame because I think she has all the qualities required to have a great act.

Carlos Vaquera

Great act and very clean.
But I think your act is too long of 1 minute.

Vostinic Veroljub

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