My advice: I have no!

Manuela Löffelhardt

I like the general atmosphere, the characters and the emotion created by the staging. Unfortunate the quick change are not enough accomplished. Why raise a sheet if it is only to hide the method of transformation. It would be good to find the “why” of this action (on the other hand, I loved the change behind the screen). In short, it lacks a more understandable staging – the reality being on the ground and the dream being in the air – so that this act would be perfect.

Carlos Vaquera

That’s nice, but I’d like to see how is your act in live.

Vostinic Veroljub

I am always delighted to see acts like yours…when elements of an old act are rejuvenated and repackaged to an original presentation. Loved your act. My only advice to you is to have an original score specially written for your act without vocals. Very theatrical…bravo!

Adam Dion Bahoudian

They are beautiful, as the video, all the act is beautiful … Everything is there … Nothing is missing … Scenography is like a short film highlighted by adequate lighting. This aerial artists play beautifully magic …

Pascal Daudey

I know it’s fashionable to include theater in an act. That requires to be comedians but you’re not. Some traditional tricks are good but wasted by this desire to play a situation that does not exist … Sorry, as I said it’s fashionable, but I’m not a fan of this falsely dramaturgical style…


Beautiful staging with interesting magical effects. I really like the originality of your aerialist act. I also like the music, costumes and effects. Congratulations for this great performance… I have no criticism to say. You are perfect!

Roger Macello

Beautiful and surprising act. Nice and easy story to understand. The choreography on the straps could be more interesting. All in all a great act with great performers…

Nadine Imboden

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